The University of Chicago Taekwondo Club offers a ten rank advancement program from white belt to 1st Dan Black Belt. As promotion is allowed each academic quarter, it is possible to reach Black Belt within the four years typically spent at the University.

Click HERE for a PDF detailing the rank advancement requirements. As reference materials you can use videos of forms: Kicho Yee-Dan, Chon-Ji, Kicho Sam-Dan, Dan Gun, Pyung-ahn Cho-dan, Do-San, Pyung-ahn Yee-dan, Won-Hyo, Pyung-ahn Sam-dan, Yul-Guk, Pyung-ahn Sah-dan, Choong-Gun, Pyung-ahn O-dan, Toi-Gye, Chulgi Cho-dan, Hwa-Rang, Jitae, Koryo, Choong-Moo, Ilyo, Bassai, Kwang-Gae.

Testing requirements have been developed as a combination of the requirements found at our instructors' home schools. The specific requirements depend on the rank you are testing for but may include performing marching series techniques, two or three forms, sparring, self-defense and board breaking. All testing requirements are cumulative and students are fequently asked to perform skills required of lower ranks.

Testing is held on Saturday of 10th week in each quarter and the fee is $10.00 for all ranks. The fee includes your belt and boards.

If you are thinking about testing it is best to attend at least 15 classes in the preceeding quarter (30 are offered) and to ask the instructors if they think you are ready for promotion.

*** Please note, as previously explained, the University of Chicago Taekwondo Club is not currently affiliated with any officiating Taekwondo organization. This means that ranks received at this club do not have to be automatically recognized by another club if a student wishes to continue their training elsewhere. If you are leaving the University and joining a club elsewhere our Instructors would be happy to write a letter of reference explaining your unique training background.


Uniforms are not required to attend practices. Loose clothing or anything suitable for gym practice will do. No socks or shoes please; this is a safety requirement. It is traditional for everyone to wear uniforms for testing.

There are two styles of uniforms. Traditionally Taekwondoers wear V-neck uniform, which we recommend. You can get one on Amazon, e.g. HERE.

Those who have practiced other martial arts may prefer the lapel-style top. You can also get one on Amazon, e.g. HERE.

Follow size chart to determine which size you need.

Taekwondo Club T-shirts may still be avaiable. Please, talk to Emi if you want one.